Fudge Retailing System - What is it?

Is a turn-key program that is highly profitable.  Businesses with an existing store front, and good foot traffic almost always do well with Calico Fudge.  What's more, we allow you to brand your name to our fudge the way you want.

Our fudge is easy to make and will turn your shop into a unique shopping experience

We supply the world’s finest fudge ingredients, equipment and experience… you make the fudge.

We teach you how to best sell fudge with the most comprehensive marketing program in our industry

It is easy. Watch this simple video, which shows making fudge, using the Calico Cottage Fudge Kettle and Ingredients. It is easy and fun.


  1. Turn on fudge kettle
  2. Add pre-measured ingredients
  3. Set timer and let the Fudge kettle mix the fudge
  4. Pour fudge into bowl
  5. Add flavours and colours for each tray of fudge

After 37 minutes of cooking time you will have 6 trays of fudge ready to sell the next day to your customers.

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